The coffee shipments through the Port of Santos grew 6.74% in January this year and last month, totaling 22.3 million bags of 60 kilograms of the product. In the same period last year, 20.9 million bags were exported by Santos pier. With this performance, the complex was responsible for 84.2% of Brazil’s commodity exports. Revenues from these exports grew 5.2% and reached US $ 3.9 billion.
Across the country, the coffee shipments remained virtually stable, down only 0.57%. In the first three quarters of the year, 26.5 million Brazilian bags of coffee were exported. Since the same period in 2014, sales volume was 26.7 million bags.

From January to September this year, $ 4.5 billion were collected from foreign sales of the product. The information is the balance of exports released monthly by the Council of Coffee Exporters of Brazil (Cecafé).
The survey also shows that the volume exported by Brazil, just last month, was 3 million bags. He is 3% higher than that recorded in September last year, when 2.9 million tons were exported.
Already revenues decreased by 18.6% compared to September last year, totaling US $ 482.1 million compared to $ 592.6 million.

Considering the quality of the coffee, the survey showed that the arabica accounted for 77.2% of the country’s sales from January to September. Already robust accounted for 12.8% of the business, soluble, by 9.8%, and the roasted and ground for 0.1% of exports.

Differentiated coffees (arabica and robusta) had participation of 25.4% in foreign remittances in terms of volume and 33.3% in foreign exchange earnings. In this period it was shipped 6.7 million bags of this type of coffee, 10.4% more than in the same period last year.